Statement Of Condemnation And Condolences On The Terrorist Attack In Tazirbu

Trablus Büyükelçiliği 26.11.2018

We have received the news with great sorrow that a terror attack, carried out by the DEASH on 23 November 2018, at police station in Tazirbu, located on the northwest of Kufra region, costed lives of many soldiers and police officers including civilians, left many others wounded and resulted in abduction of some people.

We strongly condemn this heinous terrorist attack imperilling the stability and security of Libya. We also wish Allah`s mercy upon those who lost their lives, speedy recovery to the wounded and convey our condolences to the friendly Government of National Accord of Libya and the brotherly people of Libya. We also hope the immediate release of those who abducted.

Turkey, as it has been the case up until now, continues to stand by Libya in its fight against terrorism.

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